The Diwali Puja weekend in Saint-Malo starts at 16:00 on Friday 10th November and ends at 16:00 on Sunday 12th November. A visit to Mont Saint-Michel is planned on Sunday 12th November with additional costs. You’ll get all the information for the trip on the Mont Saint-Michel page.

The calculation per person is based on the “Weekend (meals, accommodation, venue and puja costs)”.

To have the joy to be as many as possible at our beloved Mother’s feet you can pay in 4 instalments free of charge.

Adult Western countries (26+)€220
Adult Eastern countries (26+)€160
Yuvas (18-25)€108
Children / Teens (6-17)€54
Babies / Children (0-5)Free

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation is provided in shared rooms in the vicinity of the puja venue. A rooming team will distribute the registered Sahaja Yogi(ni)s.

Meals are included from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.

You can send us your specific requests for accommodation and meals via the Registration page or by sending us an e-mail to

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