Diwali Puja

The detailed program is in process and will be communicated in a Diwali 2019 Newsletter coming out soon.

Significance of Diwali 

We have a special significance of Diwali, very special significance, I think, that the light that we see here, you will see, always goes upward. Fire is the element that always goes upward, it’s always against the gravity, and it is against all that pulls you down. And the light of the Spirit is also like that, it always takes you upward.

These five days are days of real festival for us because we have overcome death, we have overcome that degradation that would have fallen out. Now we are people who are told that this is to celebrate our victory over evil, our victory over our weaknesses, and our victory towards the goal of our achievements: that is full Self-realization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Diwali Puja 1982 – London, ENGLAND

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