Mont Saint-Michel

Around the world, great saints have recognized the vibratory coefficient of certain stones and places, and have had chapels or other religious buildings built on these stones. In France, there is Mont Saint-Michel for example. The Sanskrit word is “swayambhu”. PP Cambridge 15/07/1980.

In 2023, Mont Saint Michel will celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the construction of its abbey.
We offer a pilgrimage to this Swayambhu all day on Sunday.

A picnic will be provided upon arrival.
A collective meditation will be guided on site upon arrival, at the foot of the Swayambhu.

Departure at 10am from the Puja venue.
Your rooms must be vacated before departure.
Departure from Mont Saint-Michel at 4pm.
Return scheduled for 5pm in Saint-Malo.

Transportation is organized by coaches to facilitate logistics and collective vibratory action.
Cost per person for the day : 28€

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