NOTE : Important – If you have difficulty registering and paying, you will be able to pay in cash at the puja venue. In this case you must contact for further information.

Guidelines to fill the form and register

  1. Click on “Je participe”
  2. Enter your First Name (Prénom) and Last Name (Nom)
  3. If you want to add a new participant, click on “Ajouter un autre inscrit” and then enter First Name (Prénom) and Last Name (Nom)
  4. Then click on “Continuer”
  5. On the page that appears, click on “Continuer sans compte” (see image)
  1. Fill the form and click on “Continuer”
  2. Click on “Payer (amount)”
  3. Choose “Carte Bancaire” for a payment in one go or choose “Payer en plusieurs fois” for a payment in several instalments
  4. Tick the box “J’accepte les CGUV de AssoConnect” and click on “Payer (amount)”

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